Digital and analog rainfall measuring sensors

Rain gauge, high precision


The precipitation pulse transmitter type 7052 serves for measuring the amount and the intensity of rain by using the tipping bucket rain gauge system. This instrument features an excellent linearity up to an intensity rate of 4 mm/min. The alternate model with built-in heating system also measures solid precipitation (snow, hail) within a temperature range down to –25 °C.
The orifice of this unit 200 cm2 in area and corresponds to the standards of German Meteorological Service. The nominal content of the tipping bucket is 2 cm3 which corresponds to a resolution of 0.1 mm precipitation.

1032.0000: Configuration- and read-out software for precipitation data logger
1032.1000: Interface cablel RS232 for read-out the precipitation data logger
1032.1200: USB interface cable for data read-out
1731.0000: Power supply suitable for type 7052.1000 and 7052.1100
9011.0000: Pole, self-supporting; for measuring height 1 m

  • Technical Specification
  • Variations
  • Collecting area: 200 cm²
  • Content of tipping bucket: 2 cm³
  • Resolution: 0.1 mm precipitation
  • Measuring range: 0...15 mm/min
  • Accuracy: ± 3 % up to 4 mm/min intensity
  • Operating temperatures: Type 7052.0000: 0...+60 °C
    Type 7052.1000: -25...+60 °C
  • Power supply: Type 7052.0 and 7052.1: 24 V AC
  • Output signal: Rhodium-reed-contact; 0.5 A resp. 24 V max.
  • Heating power: Type 7052.0 and 7052.1: approx. 100 W (Type 7052.1)
  • Connector: Plastics, 7-pole, IP 67 protected
  • Dimensions: ∅ 188 x 435 mm
  • Weight: approx. 4 kg
  • note 7052.0000Precipitation pulse sensor with reed contact
  • note 7052.0100Precipitation pulse sensor with reed contact, incl. datalogger
  • note 7052.1000Precipitation pulse sensor with built-in heating
  • note 7052.1100Precipitation sensor with reed contact and built-in heating, incl. datalogger
  • note 7053.0000Bird deflector
  • note 9011.0000Pole, self-supporting; for measuring height 1.0 m
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The precipitation pulse transmitter serves for measuring of amount and intensity of rain.