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Air Temperature Thermometer


The air thermometer type 2520 with double radiation screening is designed for wall-mounting.

It consists of an inner hull with a precision thermometer resting in a rubber socket and an outer tube with the radiation-screening covers and the guiding angles for fastening. The knurled-head screw, which constitutes the upper cap of the inner hull, serves at the same time for twisting this hull around 180°, so that the thermometer glass will be protected, e.g. during transportation.

All metal parts are of polished chrome-plated brass, the rubber parts are of an oil-resistant and sea water-resistant quality.

  • Technical Specification
  • Variations
  • Measuring Range: -35...+60 °C
  • Scaling: 1 °C
  • Thermometer: Hg-Thermometer, accuracy class 2
  • Dimensions: Height 410 mm
    outside protection Ø : 20 mm
  • Distance to center axis: 62 mm
  • Weight: 0,45 kg
  • note 2520.0000Air Thermometer with double radiation protection for wall mounting
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Air Thermometer with double radiation protection