Digital Temperature Sensors and conventional Thermometers

Warehouse Thermometer


Warehouse Thermometer with translucent scale, prismatic shining blue capillary tube with Hg-filling.

The Thermometer is used typically used in warehouse, coolhouses or on fruit farms. Its hand welded protection case protects it from damage. The workmanship is of highest quality and gurantees a very long life time. It has an outstanding price value ratio and comes with a fabric test certificate.

  • Technical Specification
  • Variations
  • Measuring Range: -10...+15 °C
  • Scaling: 0,1 °C
  • Dimension: 365 mm length
  • Numbering: every 2 °C
  • Material: Thermometer: Normal glas, artificially aged
    Protecitve cage: brass, nickel-plated
  • note 2530.0000Warehouse Thermometer, complete with protective case
  • note 2530.0000.01Warehouse Thermometer, only the thermometer
  • note 2530.0000.02Protective cage without thermometer
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Warehouse Thermometer