Test & Calibration

Testing and calibration equipment for all kind of meteorological sensors

Pressure Chamber Compact

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Pressure/vacuum chamber for testing aneroids, barotransmitters, barographs  and a barometer (with hood type 8711); test chamber made of a  rugged steel construction, upper flange covered by an aluminium plate (or hood type 8711) and sealed by means of an O-ring. Door to be closed by 4  hand wheels, inspection pane in the door made of 30 mm acrylic glass; on the  right electrical ducts, on the left 2 air inlets NW 10 for connection of test  barometer or other external units; operating valves at the front. 



8711.0000: Hood with holder for barometer

8712.0000: Vibrating table

8720.0000: Heavy duty table

8777.5000: Table top housing with reference sensor (automatic operation)

Measuring cable set


  • Technical Specification
  • Variations
  • Operating range: 700...1100 hPa, other ranges up on request
  • Dimensions: 760 x 560 x 685 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: approx. 107 kg
  • Volume of chamber: 65 l
  • note 8710.0000Pressure Chamber, compact version
  • note 8777.0000Table Top Housing for pressure chamber type 8700 / 8710
  • note 8777.5000Automatic Control for pressure chamber type 8700 / 8710
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Compact Pressure Chamber with lighting

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Comfortable working with LED light inside

Light switch for the LED lighting

Lichtschalter für LED Beleuchtung

Compact Pressure Chamber

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Electric feed-through terminals

Compact Pressure Chamber in the dark

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Table Top Housing 8777.5000

WEBFront87775000 mit Fhler


Table Top Housing 8777.5000

WEBRckseite87775000 mit Fhler