Radiation sensor to measure different kinds of radiation



Pyrgeometers are radiometers for measuring the Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) at wavelengths longer than
4 mm. The instruments have a silicon window with a solar blind filter coating on the inside to block all short-wave solar radiation. An internal temperature sensor is fitted to enable calculation of the downward long wave radiation.

The Pyrgeometer 6027.1000 is designed for good quality measurement in a compact package. The 6027.1000 sensor provides a voltage that is proportional to the incoming FIR. The data represents the radiation exchange between the instrument and the whole hemisphere because the reference 6027.1000 pyrgeometer is calibrated outdoors with respect to a type 6027.2000, which has a 180 degrees field of view. The type 6027.1000 has an internal (non replaceable) drying cartridge and needs little maintenance.

Pyrgeometers are suitable for permanent outdoor use under all weather conditions. A waterproof plug and socket is fitted for the signal cable providing ease of installation and maintenance.  A snap-on white sun shield minimizes heating of the pyrgeometer body.

  • Technical Specification
  • Variations
  • Response time (95 %): < 18 s
  • Non stability change / year: < 1 %
  • Non - linearity (250...+250 W/m2): < 1 %
  • Window heating off-set (with 1000 W/m² solar radiation): < 4 W/m²
  • Temperature depen-dence of sensitivity: < 1 % (-20...+50 °C)
  • Sensitivity: 5...10 μV/W/m²
  • Operating temperature: -40...+80 °C
  • Field of view: 150°
  • Spectral range (50 % ): 4,5...42 μm
  • Irradiance (net): -250...+250 W/m²
  • note 6027.1000Pyrgeometer, Accuracy: approx. 15 W/qm
  • note 6027.2000Pyrgemometer, Accuracy: approx. 4 W/qm
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