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Thermometer Test Bath


This thermometer calibrating unit is designed for calibrating up to 19 thermometers simultaneously over a wide temperature range.

The major components of this equipment are the temperature bath – including the circulating pump, the heating and cooling coils etc. – the continuous flow cooler, the temperature control as well as a special lighting device and a precision PT100 temperature sensor.

Properties of the thermometer test bath:

- double safety glass

- very good reading of the test and control thermometers

- lift for holding various thermometers

- adjustable in height

- flow control by means of circulation pump

- cooling coils for external connection e.g. a cryomat

- built-in electronic temperature control with resistance thermometer

  • Technical Specification
  • Variations
  • Measuring range (with standard-cooling): Typ 8100: -20...+50°C (Ambient air temp. 20°C)
  • Measuring range (with standard-cooling): Typ 8101: -10...+50°C (Ambient air temp. 20°C)
  • Weight: 36 kg
  • Heating power: 3600 W
  • Capacity: up to 19 thermometer
  • note 8100.0000Thermometer Test Bath, 24L volume, with electronic temperature control
  • note 8101.0000Thermometer Test Bath, 36L volume, with electronic temperature control
  • note 8104.1000Testing Fluid 40L, Water-Glycol-Alloy (up to -20° C)
  • note 8105.0000Flow-Cooler
  • note 8114.0000Special Light for typ 8100
  • note 8115.0000Special Light for typ 8101
  • note 8117.0003High-precision resistance PT 100/70 with factory calibration certificate
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Thermometer Test Bath